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2018. New Year's tips for lawyers

With most of the professional workforce now back to work, it's an ideal time to set yourself up for the year. We’ve put together some tips to get you prepped for work and, ultimately, success in 2018.

1. Look in the rear vision mirror

Look over last year’s vision, mission statement and goals and review how you went. Did you achieve what you wanted to? If not, what roadblocks did you encounter? If you implemented any new technology in 2017, review what’s working and rejig what’s not.

2. Set some professional goals

Now that you’ve taken stock of 2017, write out some professional goals for the year. It might be small steps to improve your daily working life or longer term goals such as building a solid portfolio and investing in those channels that will help you win more work. Whatever they are, make sure they’re written down and visible.

3. Set some personal goals

Personal goals go hand-in-hand with your professional goals and if you’re nailing both, a happy work/life balance should ensue. Whether it be to get more time for thinking, self-improvement, relaxation, social engagement or simply to spend more time with the family, your personal goals also need a priority place in 2018.

4. Develop a digital strategy

Digital technology will provide benefits for you, your clients and more generally, the industry so get yourself set up with a robust digital strategy. This might include:

  • Getting reliable, direct, global communication on a range of devices and smartphones e.g. messaging and chatbots;
  • Using speed, agility and machine learning critical to implement ideas and complete tasks promptly;
  • Getting in the cloud and becoming a paperless office;
  • Consulting or cross-referencing with peers, mentors, associates, customers and clients via online communities.

5. Save time and improve efficiencies

One you’ve established a digital strategy, no doubt you’ll achieve this organically. Other ways to save time might be to reduce email traffic using communication tools such as Slack, or implementing automated tools to review contracts.

6. Improve your interaction with your clients

So-called 'soft skills' that make up your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), are increasingly sought after amongst professional services. They are the building blocks of establishing relationships and the foundation of customer service. Despite all the benefits of digital, law is a face-to-face profession and soft skills help us form relationships and make people happy. Happy is good for business.

7. Join The Legal Network and embrace your digital future

What better time than now to get the networked advantage? Whether it’s checking your LinkedIn profile matches your new goals or putting to pen to paper and writing your first blog of the year, take the time to build relationships and cultivate your network.    

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