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Crowd & Co's five-point checklist for the new financial year

Phew, the rush to chase up those last invoices is over!


While you’ve been planning out the last weeks of the school holidays or celebrating your FY16 results, at Crowd & Co, we’ve been working on plans to provide our members with more benefits and more efficient opportunities to access the legal crowd.


Here’s our five-point checklist to getting FY17 off to a good start, and how we can help.


1. Drive new revenue from Day 1 FY17

Don’t count on that great WIP you have stashed in your inbox to give you an easy ride into the new financial year. Start this week with a plan to find new work.

Crowd & Co helps you do this with our notifications about new opportunities in the market in your practice area.


2. Know your business

What’s the most profitable work for you? Where is your most reliable of revenue? Who are your best clients? Are there more like them out there? How do you find them? Understanding the profitability factors of your business means you'll be better placed to price your work appropriately, prioritise what you deliver, and what you may be able to outsource. We can help you price your project competitively, and through our partners provide you with back-office and legal support.


3. Ensure the market knows you

Make sure your clients know the value you provide. It’s amazing how many lawyers tick every box of specialization when they market themselves. You didn’t really spend all that time in law school to be a Jill or Jack of all legal trades.

So take a good look at your profile on your website, Linked In, industry associations and Crowd & Co. Highlight what you do really well and market yourself for the work you want to win, not everything that might be available.


4. Improve your electronic footprint

Set your goals on social media. How many Linked In connections do you have? 100? 200? 500? Set your goal to increase your electronic footprint by connecting with those you have done business with, re-establishing relationships with school or university colleagues and corporate alumni. As an easy first step, share some industry news with your contacts. (We’d love it if you’d share this newsletter as a test!)


5. Take steps to retain your independence

Remember why you went out on your own. You want to have control over your career, flexibility to work on the best work, where and when you want. That means building a solid portfolio and investing in those channels that will help you win more of it.


Crowd & Co's here to help
Crowd & Co can help you build a solid pipeline of work in your most profitable practice areas. Register here or contact us at for direct access to the legal crowd.

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