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Advanced application of legal technology is changing what it means to be a lawyer. Crowd & Co is using technology to drive #futurelaw. Here we keep you updated with our thoughts on this fascinating industry, and some tips on how to thrive in it.

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Claudia King, CEO and co-founder of Automio | From lawyer to legal tech entrepreneur

2018. New Year's tips for lawyers

Louise Mathias, Barrister | Mediator | Collaborative Coach | Family Law Arbitrator

Angela Lynch, CEO of Women’s Legal Service Qld talks to us about her career drivers, achievements and challenges

Lawyers: How to cultivate your legal network

Dominique Lamb, CEO of the National Retail Association: from Wollongong University law grad to CEO in less than 10 years

Melanie Schwartz, Senior lecturer at UNSW Law Faculty and award-winning lawyer

Natalia Crnomarkovic, Oceania Law Technology Leader at EY

The Honourable Associate Justice Verity McWilliam of the ACT Supreme Court offers her career insights

Valeska Bloch talks career growth and how she approached promotion and partnership

Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson SC on career, the future, diversity and balance

Legal professionals re-entering the workforce: options, skills and true value for employers

How to thrive in the gig economy 3. Strike a balance

Why hire a full-time lawyer if you don’t need to?

Industry 4.0 and the value of time

How to thrive in the gig economy 2. Tech toolbox essentials

How to seize the day: Make a plan and implement it

How to thrive in the gig economy 1. Collaborate, not isolate

In-house lawyers: How to be tech savvy

Using Industry 4.0 to benefit yourself [and your clients]

The art of efficiency: Tips for in-house lawyers

The Smart Factory: Welcome to Industry 4.0

External legal matters: How to take control and manage spend

Avoiding the GC time-trap: gaining control and efficiency

Lawyers: now is the future

Technology-enabled legal practice - Tips to making your practice more efficient

Soft skills for lawyers (SHHH...)

How to make an engaging presentation on a serious topic – hints for lawyers

Open your own shop and jump start your career

How and why to enter the contract lawyer market

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 3

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 2

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 1

The Value of Paralegals

Why your legal business should be Google-focused

The power of video in business marketing

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

Of trees, and wind, and lawyers making noise

Crowd & Co's five-point checklist for the new financial year

Free yourself to think strategically

2016's buzz word - innovation

Ready, aim, aim, aim...

Seventy Thousand Lawyers in Three Hours

How to solve the No.1 business challenge: “Keeping Staff Fully Utilised”

The first three steps to happier clients.

Innovation, Disruption and Change

Virtual Law Firms, are they the future?

Transition of the Law firm: a strategic shift in lawyer staffing

Disruption or just different

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