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Anne Todd

A City-trained Solicitor and experienced General Counsel with over 20 years’ experience in telecoms and technology. As well as a wealth of experience from roles at BT, Vodafone, Shell and Balfour Beatty, Anne is a start-up veteran, having been General Counsel and an investor in Storm Telecommunications, a pan-European and US operator. For the past 10 years, Anne has been running businesses in the “new law” sector in the UK and is uniquely placed to understand the UK legal services market and legal tech sector.

Recent Posts

01 August 2017

In-house lawyers: How to be tech savvy

Whether you work in a technology business or not, over the coming years all in-house lawyers will need to become much more tech-savvy. Whilst there is no need for us all to rush off and learn how to code, it is essential that we develop a good...

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18 July 2017

The art of efficiency: Tips for in-house lawyers

Moving in-house from private practice is often fueled by a desire not only for more interesting and varied legal work but a closer relationship with the business. Whilst this close relationship brings many rewards, experienced in-house lawyers will...

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04 July 2017

External legal matters: How to take control and manage spend

Surprises are great when it is your birthday but receiving an invoice from a law firm when you were not expecting it or an invoice that is far higher than you were expecting is never a good surprise. 

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27 June 2017

Avoiding the GC time-trap: gaining control and efficiency

More for less” is an often repeated phrase that is showing no sign of falling out of fashion, but what does this really mean to a busy General Counsel?  

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26 May 2016

Ready, aim, aim, aim...

How many devices do you have with you? Are you reading this blog on your tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop? Are you at your desk, on the train, or standing in line for a coffee? Have you checked in with friends on social media today, booked a...

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