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Advanced application of legal technology is changing what it means to be a lawyer. Crowd & Co is using technology to drive #futurelaw. Here we keep you updated with our thoughts on this fascinating industry, and some tips on how to thrive in it.

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30 March 2017

Technology-enabled legal practice - Tips to making your practice more efficient

There is an entire spectrum of technology that can be incorporated into your legal practice to allow you more to build more flexibility and control in your operations.  

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23 March 2017

Soft skills for lawyers (SHHH...)

Lawyers hone their hard skills—win or-lose skills—in a literal and immediate sense in the course of their practice. Unfortunately, hard skills are no longer enough.

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22 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 3

The view from: Fourth Year law student paralegaling at a large Australian firm; part-time soccer player.

The valuable paralegal

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15 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 2

The view from: Recent graduate, just started working with a top-tier commercial firm.  

Time constraints: paralegal or vacation clerk? 

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08 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 1

The view from: Third Year Commerce/Law student with a particular interest in taxation and employment law; aspiring litigator.  

Nuts and bolts: what kind of work do paralegals do? 

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09 May 2016

Seventy Thousand Lawyers in Three Hours

Over the past month, I’ve had many discussions with law firms, corporations and private practitioners about the evolving legal market in Australia. Last month, I’ve traveled to the US and the UK to understand first-hand how those markets are...

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16 February 2015

A Place for our thoughts on the journey ahead

As we embark on taking Crowd & Co from an idea to reality we will be adding our thoughts on topics we think might be of interest. Basically its our soap box and being an ex-lawyer I love talking.

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