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Jarred Hardman

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21 June 2017

Lawyers: now is the future

Digital technology has opened up flexible working opportunities that could not have been imagined a decade or two ago, especially for the legal industry.

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23 February 2017

Open your own shop and jump start your career

The path to partnership in large firms has become harder, and there’s a lot of green grass on the other side of that double-glazed window.

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21 February 2017

How and why to enter the contract lawyer market

Contract lawyers serve many purposes in the legal field, particularly in affording flexibility for a law firm that requires more lawyers in a particular field than they employ.

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03 August 2016

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

Doing away with the billable hour has been the mantra of legal commentators and practice innovators for about as long as we can remember. The global financial crisis and the decimation it wrought through the transactional markets seemed destined, at...

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07 July 2016

Crowd & Co's five-point checklist for the new financial year

Phew, the rush to chase up those last invoices is over!

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21 June 2016

Free yourself to think strategically

Legal Process Outsourcing provides a way to put more hours into a day without investing any more personal time, and a way to reduce billable rates to become more competitive in a frighteningly competitive market.

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22 February 2016

How to solve the No.1 business challenge: “Keeping Staff Fully Utilised”

The latest CBA Legal Market Pulse Report reported that 74% of law firms surveyed believe that the No.1 business challenge they face is keeping staff fully utilised. But further in the report, it indicated that firms anticipated a reduction in the use...

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08 January 2016

Innovation, Disruption and Change

I've read the LIV President's report “Disruption, Innovation and Change: The Future of the Legal Profession” and highly recommend it to any one interested in how the legal sector is changing. Katie Miller (LIV President 2015) emphasises that those...

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09 December 2015

Virtual Law Firms, are they the future?

Technology opens up opportunities that could not have been imagined a decade or two ago, especially for the legal industry. The thought of having a face to face meeting with someone on the other side of the world at the time was incomprehensible, yet,...

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27 May 2015

Transition of the Law firm: a strategic shift in lawyer staffing

I just read an interesting report out of the US that surveyed 320 firms, including almost half of the largest 350 law firms. Further, the report sought out the views of the managing partners, where they saw the law going, and also compared their...

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04 May 2015

Disruption or just different

Over the weekend I read an article with a quote from Keith Stanley, the GM of product, advertising and customer experience at Flight Centre that effectively dismissed the threat of start-ups like Airbnb to the tourism sector. Stanley went on to state...

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