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Kate Dempsey

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06 December 2017

Lawyers: How to cultivate your legal network

An important part of being an independent lawyer is building relationships and cultivating your network. There’s a range of options out there that enables lawyers to do this easily (and cheaply) from social media to online communities. But where to...

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05 September 2017

How to thrive in the gig economy 3. Strike a balance

If you’ve opted out of the traditional law path and gone out on your own as an independent lawyer or legal consultant, no doubt you’ve discovered you’re now the master of your own schedule. 

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18 August 2017

How to thrive in the gig economy 2. Tech toolbox essentials

If you’re working as an independent lawyer in the gig economy, no doubt you’re already tech savvy. You have the home office or collaborative workspace sorted, you’re signed into your emails and ready to pitch for work. But once the work starts rolling...

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08 August 2017

How to thrive in the gig economy 1. Collaborate, not isolate

Working within the gig economy is becoming increasingly popular, with people moving away from salary-based roles, going out on their own and choosing freelancing as a better option. 

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07 March 2017

How to make an engaging presentation on a serious topic – hints for lawyers

Putting together a presentation on a “serious” professional services topic does not mean you need to bore your audience with pages of bullet point sentences presented on a big screen via PowerPoint.

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26 August 2016

Why your legal business should be Google-focused

Google is the world’s largest search engine (by every metric). But discussing Google as an entity and its many applications misses the key point about Google. Google has created a new business paradigm and it’s all about “trust”.

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24 August 2016

The power of video in business marketing

Youtube is unique because it only contains videos - nothing else.  It processes more than 3 billion online searches a month, making it the second largest search engine, after its parent, Google.

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