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Lawyers: now is the future

Digital technology has opened up flexible working opportunities that could not have been imagined a decade or two ago, especially for the legal industry.

The thought of having a face to face meeting with someone on the other side of the world at that time was incomprehensible, yet, here we are in 2017: virtual lawyers. 

We’ve talked about opening your own shop and jump starting your career, outlining a three-step plan to see if it would work for you.

So you may be thinking it’s now time to take the plunge, but what flexible options are out there?

Becoming a contract lawyer addresses some of the key challenges encountered by lawyers and law firms alike, managing overheads, whilst continuing to add value for clients. Add to this the fact that you can be anywhere in the world and remain in contact with clients, share documents with them, file documents with the courts and run a practice while you have time for yourself.

Sure, you might miss the meeting rooms and formality which comes with having a big office at the start but alternatives such as hot-desking in a co-working office can be simple and cheap solutions. These are no longer the dull serviced offices, but modern, vibrant and energetic working environments and because you are congregating with like-minded people you may even find new opportunities and networks whilst grabbing a coffee and muffin from the communal kitchen.

Then, take the digital route and join an online community or global marketplace. Like the Crowd & Co marketplace, these digital ecosystems give you the opportunity to find top-quality flexible roles choosing the work you want, when and where you want it. These innovative communities often come with the latest legal tech tools such as A.I contracting so you’ll always stay ahead of technological advancements benefiting the industry. And of course there’s the guarantee of having access to a community of peers networking to advantage in a rapidly changing industry (think: create your own virtual legal department). 

We’re living in an age where new technology and innovative business solutions are being rolled out on a regular basis, which makes the idea of the virtual lawyer far more realistic and achievable in the digital era. Whether the entire industry becomes completely virtual is unlikely… or is it? Mark A. Cohen recently penned the question, ‘Are law firms becoming obsolete?’ - the answer to which needs thoughtful consideration. One thing we know for sure? The virtual aspect of the legal practice is here to stay. The future is digital.  

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