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Industry 4.0 and the value of time

With so much information being pushed around about the digital revolution (#notanotherstoryonAI), it can be challenging to make sense of it all. We’ve seen fear and doubt competing against efficiency and productivity, challenges set against opportunities and the argument of job losses versus job gains. And if you’ve been following us, you know where we [firmly] stand. Time is precious.

The digitisation of technology can and should enable us to free up some time. Think:

  • Fast, accurate, readily available access to data in any format, for any function.
  • Greater ability for professionals to focus on big picture, specialise or mentor.
  • Secure, reliable and speedy communication streams which make management processes and organisational structures more efficient.
  • Hyper-organised management and control of logistics.

So you’ve thought about the benefits of Industry 4.0, both for you and your clients, you’ve crafted your digital vision and are busy implementing it. Time now to think about time itself, and make Industry 4.0 the driver of healthy balance between work and recreation, business and family needs. Time is precious because it’s irretrievable. Allocating it is therefore super important.

Take this as a frame for reflecting on how you spend your precious time:

  • Productive time: the essence of business and professional life.
  • Creative time: thinking, developing ideas, learning, researching; without ideation there can be no production.
  • Communicative time: time spent with stakeholders, peers, mentors, partners, associates as well as professional consultants or co-workers, enhancing the impact of your ideation and production; essential and satisfying.
  • Reflective time: reading, reviewing, philosophising.
  • Growth time: for personal and professional development.
  • Quiet time: hands-off time, pondering time…(bliss!).

Now read the previous paragraph again, remembering that we exist in parallel dimensions: professional and personal. Each of these time uses is just as important to work and business productivity, as it is to family and personal fulfilment.

Remember this formula and work towards it:
digitisation with technology = easing the workload = more bliss time.



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