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18 August 2017

How to thrive in the gig economy 2. Tech toolbox essentials

If you’re working as an independent lawyer in the gig economy, no doubt you’re already tech savvy. You have the home office or collaborative workspace sorted, you’re signed into your emails and ready to pitch for work. But once the work starts rolling...

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11 August 2017

How to seize the day: Make a plan and implement it

OK, so we’ve nailed the axiom: if our workplace and professional life is well arranged, satisfying, productive and profitable, then we have more energy for our personal life beyond.

That should be what we’re aiming for with digital technology. But it...

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08 August 2017

How to thrive in the gig economy 1. Collaborate, not isolate

Working within the gig economy is becoming increasingly popular, with people moving away from salary-based roles, going out on their own and choosing freelancing as a better option. 

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01 August 2017

In-house lawyers: How to be tech savvy

Whether you work in a technology business or not, over the coming years all in-house lawyers will need to become much more tech-savvy. Whilst there is no need for us all to rush off and learn how to code, it is essential that we develop a good...

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27 July 2017

Using Industry 4.0 to benefit yourself [and your clients]

In our recent blog The Smart Factory: Welcome to Industry 4.0 we discussed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that being digital technology of previously unimagined power, scope and accuracy. It continues to revolutionise agriculture, industry,...

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18 July 2017

The art of efficiency: Tips for in-house lawyers

Moving in-house from private practice is often fueled by a desire not only for more interesting and varied legal work but a closer relationship with the business. Whilst this close relationship brings many rewards, experienced in-house lawyers will...

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10 July 2017

The Smart Factory: Welcome to Industry 4.0

We stumbled upon an interesting article recently which had us thinking about the next industrial revolution. Cited by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, he talks about Industry 4.0 in his article, “The Fourth...

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04 July 2017

External legal matters: How to take control and manage spend

Surprises are great when it is your birthday but receiving an invoice from a law firm when you were not expecting it or an invoice that is far higher than you were expecting is never a good surprise. 

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27 June 2017

Avoiding the GC time-trap: gaining control and efficiency

More for less” is an often repeated phrase that is showing no sign of falling out of fashion, but what does this really mean to a busy General Counsel?  

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21 June 2017

Lawyers: now is the future

Digital technology has opened up flexible working opportunities that could not have been imagined a decade or two ago, especially for the legal industry.

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30 March 2017

Technology-enabled legal practice - Tips to making your practice more efficient

There is an entire spectrum of technology that can be incorporated into your legal practice to allow you more to build more flexibility and control in your operations.  

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23 March 2017

Soft skills for lawyers (SHHH...)

Lawyers hone their hard skills—win or-lose skills—in a literal and immediate sense in the course of their practice. Unfortunately, hard skills are no longer enough.

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07 March 2017

How to make an engaging presentation on a serious topic – hints for lawyers

Putting together a presentation on a “serious” professional services topic does not mean you need to bore your audience with pages of bullet point sentences presented on a big screen via PowerPoint.

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23 February 2017

Open your own shop and jump start your career

The path to partnership in large firms has become harder, and there’s a lot of green grass on the other side of that double-glazed window.

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21 February 2017

How and why to enter the contract lawyer market

Contract lawyers serve many purposes in the legal field, particularly in affording flexibility for a law firm that requires more lawyers in a particular field than they employ.

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22 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 3

The view from: Fourth Year law student paralegaling at a large Australian firm; part-time soccer player.

The valuable paralegal

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15 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 2

The view from: Recent graduate, just started working with a top-tier commercial firm.  

Time constraints: paralegal or vacation clerk? 

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08 December 2016

Paralegals - views from the coalface, part 1

The view from: Third Year Commerce/Law student with a particular interest in taxation and employment law; aspiring litigator.  

Nuts and bolts: what kind of work do paralegals do? 

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28 November 2016

The Value of Paralegals

A law student paralegal can be a valuable addition to your legal team. As well as injecting some youth and enthusiasm into the team, you have an immediate cost-effective “go to” person for a variety of daily tasks that take some of the burden off more...

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26 August 2016

Why your legal business should be Google-focused

Google is the world’s largest search engine (by every metric). But discussing Google as an entity and its many applications misses the key point about Google. Google has created a new business paradigm and it’s all about “trust”.

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