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The power of video in business marketing

Youtube is unique because it only contains videos - nothing else.  It processes more than 3 billion online searches a month, making it the second largest search engine, after its parent, Google.

How is that YouTube, focussed on video only, is now larger than all those other search engines? The enormous popularity of YouTube reinforces the fact thatwe are drawn to videos as a primary multimedia platform.  There are many factors at play here.  Consider the following statistics...

  • 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video (according to Forbes)
  • Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined (according to Simply Measured)
  • Video promotion is over six times more effective than print (according to Atlas)

YouTube’s huge reach can have enormous implications for your business. 

1. How can you harness the potential of video?

Creating short videos, even on your iphone/android phone and uploading them to your website and social media accounts will increase your digital footprint and can increase people’s understanding and trust of you. They can engage your audience

A few rules if you’re doing it yourself. 

  • Be careful of your background, lighting and how you’re dressed. Men, be careful if you’re wearing a tie that it’s neat and straight.
  • Have the camera at your head height – don’t look up or down at it
  • Keep it short – concentrate on three key things you want to say
  • Don’t read from a script.
  • Try and do it in one take – in my experience the first take is just about the best.
  • Lapel microphones (cable not bluetooth) are cheap and worth buying if you want high-quality sound.
  • If you have a teenager in the house, consult them.

Unless you’re a frustrated Jane Campion, I’d really advise you to bring in a professional to help you with your first one. After all – this is your personal brand and if the set up’s not right, you’ll regret it.

3. What content works for lawyers?

  • Who you are, and why clients should trust you:  There’s nothing more effective that a personal story. Why did you become a lawyer? What do you do best? Don’t list your qualifications, but a short couple of minutes about who you are and your approach to advising clients is a good place to start. It’s very important to be honest about what you say – that will show on camera.
  • Technical content:  OK, so the law is generally regarded as pretty dry. But reducing down a legislative change or new procedure to a couple of minutes of highlights about what clients need to know, a simple explanation of your solution, can be very effective. Just think about the “experts” who are called into newsrooms to do just that. Think of yourself as a journalist, not as a lawyer. Remember the purpose, this is a sales pitch to entice people to contact you.
  • Your non-work activities:  Producing videos that show you in non-work activities are also extremely beneficial.  Crossing the finishing line after a 10 km run, nursing your new baby, a pro-bono activity, will increase familiarity and likability, increasing trust.  An ex-colleague who produces lots of technical content on video advised me that the video that had the biggest positive impact for his business featured him playing with his two sons. The caption? “The two reasons why I set up my own practice.”

4. What do you do with the video once you’ve filmed it? 

  • Load it up to the home page of your website
  • Link it to your social media accounts
  • Load it up on Youtube
  • Share it on industry forums, local associations
  • Send the link to clients


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